Saltum's Ambassador Program

Guidelines for Posting Content:
  • Include your discount code and link to the official Saltum website in your bio: 
  • To obtain your discount code, please register here: 
  • Once Signup , Please login Back to Affiliate Portal and you can see discount code at your affiliate dashboard: 
  • Tag @saltumsports Official Account in your posts and use at least one primary hashtag: #saltumsports, #saltum
  • Once posted, please refrain from deleting the post for a minimum of 6 months.
  • We require all partners to share at least one content group within 1 week of receiving our content.
  • All images and videos must be shared with the Saltum team via email at 
  • Partners should share a minimum of 3-5 photos/ 1-2 videos while wearing our apparel.
UGC Content Creation Guidelines:
We are currently seeking UGC video creators capable of producing product and brand testimonial videos.

Content Usage Rights:

By participating in this collaboration, Saltum would like to obtain copyrights to reuse the advertising clips for business purposes if necessary.

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