Originated from Darwin's "On the Origin of Species"--"Natural Non-Facit Saltum" (Nature does not jump), Saltum takes social responsibility as a significant concern as customers.

We're born with CSR. We care about customers' safety and feeling, make sure our activewear can meet different sports life scenarios. Therefore, starting with the ingredients, Saltum is very selective about products. The raw material suppliers are tested or certified by internationally well-known third-party organizations such as BV, SGS, ITS, etc., including zippers and other accessories. From elemental pilling resistance, colorfastness to functional development and testing. Follow the strict production process of high-end brands. Develop, make samples, try on, repair samples, wash water, exercise test, collect user feedback, iterate and update. Practicing the "Craftsman Spirit" and polishing every product is our spirit, and we believe only by doing this can produce safe and reliable products for our customers.

Saltum takes good care of our employers. We have embraced environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing practices and have ditched things like sweatshops and child labor. Saltum adheres to conditions and rules of employment that respect workers' rights. At a minimum, must protect worker rights under international and national labor and social security regulations and laws. All workplaces must be kept healthy and safe, according to the company's codes of conduct.

Take care of the environment and social responsibilities, and at the same time, provide excellent and safe products, and a working environment can make the Saltum community go further.

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