How to wear biker shorts

As the name implies, biker shorts are the pants worn by bicycle and motorcycle riders when riding. It is generally popular with riders because of its tough style. But since Fashion Week moved cycling shorts to the show in 2018, cycling pants have become one of the hot items in the hot season.

2 styles I suggest you what to wear of bike shorts

--Biker shorts + T-shirt/sweater. This is very popular in hot weather or in fall season

--Athletic shorts + Crop top. It is a very suitable match and more and more common for sports and shopping.

01  Biker shorts + T-shirt/sweater

Using biker shorts to match T-shirts or hoodies is a basic entry-level match, easy to learn and go out in one second. Follow the dressing principle of upper width and lower the narrow, loose top with tight cycling pants modified leg shape, the two can collide with different sparks. I think the sweater is too casual. I can also insert a corner into cycling pants waistband lining to highlight the high waist and optimize the hip-leg ratio.

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Short de sport Saltum™


L'ambiance que nous canalisons ici est tout au sujet du BLEU. Rafraîchissez-vous avec une ambiance visuelle et le tissu extraordinaire. Les shorts de sport sont de longueur legging raccourcie, sans obstruction et sans heurts. Peu importe qu'il soit grand ou petit, vous obtiendrez une proportion satisfaisante.

En tissu:

72 % polyamide ; 28 % polyuréthane

Conseils de lavage :

Laver avec des couleurs similaires, laver à la main à l'eau froide, ne pas javelliser, ne pas sécher en machine.

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 02 Biker shorts + T-shirt/sweater 

Since it is biker shorts, it is certainly indispensable to match sports items. Whether it is a crop top sweatshirt or crop top bra, it can well echo the scope of sporty. Even wearing sports underwear can also solve the contradiction between going out to wear and gym exercise equipment. You can go out directly by wearing it, which is not only convenient but also worry-free. The goblins are not afraid to show firm abs boldly!

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