4 Reasons why you should Exercise more this winter

4 Reasons why you should Exercise more this winter

In winter, many people get fatter because of stopping exercising. Everyone wants to sit in a warm house, drink a cup of hot chocolate and watch TV.Thus you put on weight after winter, that means the whole year of exercise fail to achieve the goal. You may get less fitness achievements too. It’s a bad circle! Actually, no matter what season it is, it is necessary to exercise. The colder the season is, the greater the effect of exercise is. There are four reasons about why we need to exercise in winter.

1.Exercise in winter can improve your ability to keep out the cold. Exercise can accelerate the blood circulation of the limbs, can help you improve the cold limbs, night bed recovery faster and improve the quality of sleep.

2.Keep the habit of fitness exercise in winter can help you consume calories, prevent fat accumulation. Thus there is no obesity trouble in second year and you do not worry about how to lose weight.

3.Insist on fitness exercise in winter can burn fat and shaping effect is better than in summer. The body in order to resist the cold will mobilize more fat to participate in consumption. Thin body effect will be better and your body line will be maintained better.

4.Insist on fitness exercise in winter can better temper people's willpower than summer fitness exercise, such people's character, endurance. Thus you will be stronger than ordinary people when you insist on exercise.

So start exercising in winter! Self-respect training is a good way that is highly recommended.  The self-weight training, according to the duration of the action and the control of the group interval time, you can improve the movement to a high or low intensity state.

Novice need to start with low-intensity exercise. It can largely improve cardiopulmonary function, gradually improve the exercise intensity, shorten the rest time between groups and extend the movement duration of time, so as to improve the exercise ability, improve the effect of fat burning shaping. To the novice, there is a special suggestion. When you start to exercise, fitness clothing is also very important. Good fitness clothing is as important as a good fitness trainer. Good fitness clothing such as Saltum’s high waist leggings can large help show your body shape and have a better hip lift effect.

And few people can control the high-intensity training state of exercise. However its fat burning effect is very good, muscles can also be exercised and the body metabolic level will maintain a strong state.


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