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The safety, fit and comfort of active wear are the basic requirements and perfect embodiment of our "craftsman spirit".

STM Lycra 340®

Our preferred core technology fabric is LYCRA under the INVISTA group.®The yarn, from raw materials to weaving and dyeing, is completed in the same factory in Taiwan lululemon.

The double-sided polyester yarn weaving structure has a Lycra content of up to 22% and a gram weight of up to 340g/yard. The lycra fabric is permanently moisture-wicking, fit and shape, with no Pilling, no shrinkage.

In particular, fluorescent color can also ensure that it does not fade or dye after washing many times. It is the first choice for professional fitness professionals.


STM BounceTM

BOUNCE high elastic family is the main component of our fabric. Each BOUNCE fabric is moisture-wicking, high elastic, anti-Pilling, no fading, no dyeing.

  • Bounce InterPoly, Polyester fiber yarn, woven with a double-sided thread structure, provides excellent support and coverage, suitable for high-intensity sports scenes.
  • Bounce InterNylon, Nylon yarn, woven with double-sided thread structure, like a skin foundation, suitable for medium and low-intensity sports
  • Bounce Rib, high elastic helicity texture, appearance with ribbed lines, smooth and skin-friendly inner layer, providing comprehensive support and wrapping

STM Cool SmoothTM

Cool & Smooth family specializes in violently sweating scenarios. Each Cool smooth fabric has the following characteristics: quick-drying, cool touch, like the second skin, anti-Pilling, not easy to fade, not dyed.

  • Cools Nylon, compressed, and high-elastic nylon fabric, silky touch, slightly shiny, quick-drying, and you can go swimming
  • Cools Rib, Ice cool Rib fabric, smooth inner touch, surface Rib structure, moisture absorption and quick-drying, high elasticity, thin and impermeable
  • Cools Mesh, ice Mesh cloth, elegant and draping

STM SnowflakeTM

Snowflake soft collection is another important component of us, usually for the tank tops, long sleeves.

FEELS: Super soft and skin-friendly, 360 degrees super elastic, flexible, and elegant

DESIGNED FOR: yoga, Pilates, light exercise, dancing, etc.


STM Peached

Peach skin’ feel refers to the sanding of the short fibers of the fabric. The inside has the feel of peach skin, and it is double-directed to wet.

FEELS: warm or absorb moisture and dry quickly. 

DESIGNED FOR: workout tops and sweatpants


STM 4-Way Woven

FEELS: 4-way elastic, breathable and waterproof

DESIGNED FOR: windcheater, leggings


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