Ways to hape your body curve at home

Ways to hape your body curve at home

When winter comes, we may stay longer in the warm room. As a result, we may just sit down for a day unavoidably. It’s the time to wake up your glutes! Otherwise, our glutes may become collapse, or even suffer dead butt syndrome, which can be harmful to our body and health! What’s more, don’t you envy the beauty with warped hips? I believe that no one does not know Kim.Kardashian. A lot of people dream of having a figure like her. You can also have a convex and back-warped figure as long as you insist on exercising. Here are some effective and easy ways which you can just do these at home to shape your body curve.

The first step: Practice the hip sideline first and a peach buttock shape.

Because the hips are too flat and have no shape, so the line with the thighs is very blurred, resulting in the peach hips look flat. You can first practice the bottom edge of the hips and shape it first. Here are three gestures recommended.

Bend one leg forward and stretch your arms straight up

Extend your arm forward, stretch one leg to support your body,
 and keep your legs straight back to keep your balance

The body bends down, with your abdomen sticking to your thighs.
Both hold their legs and then the other leg went up.

The second step: Doing class squat to practice a peach butt.

Similar to squat posture and anti-desktop extrusion of the hip, you can effectively exercise the hip muscles. Line longitudinal distribution of buttocks muscle can make collapse hip become full and really shape your buttock.Here are three gestures recommended.

The legs open to both sides, the tips outward and in a straight line

One leg supports the body, the other leg stretched straight back and the arms extended

Lie on your back on a yoga mat with your arms stretched straight to support your body

The third step: Positive and reverse folding, repeated hip exercise.

The front and negative folding can make the buttocks as fully exercise as possible.Here are also three gestures recommended.

The body bends back and folds until your hands grasp the tip of your feet

The body still folds back, and the abdomen supports the body to fly

Lie on your back on a yoga mat and your feet support your body up


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