Yoga is more than just movement

Yoga is more than just movement
Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim.
 The better your practice, the brighter the flame.   -B. K. S. Iyengar
Yoga is not acrobatic.
Extend in each formula.
 Breathing is right in each formula.
 Yoga is not competitive.
 Don't compare, everyone's body is different.
 Yoga is not a hobby.
 Not for three minutes of heat.
 Can't wait until you have time to have money to do it.
Now, from here, please start with yoga.
 It beginning is a lifetime.

Yoga is not a diet pill.
 Can't lose weight for a week.

 You not lose weight without a healthy diet.

 Do not lose weight without combining the mind washing.

 It is natural for practicing yoga to lose weight.

 Break off from inside to outside

Yoga can not follow suit.

 There are a lot of details worth exploring.

 It is important to find a professional yoga studio and yoga teacher.

 Don't mess around by yourself.

 The teacher gives you a point more than working hard for many years

Yoga is more than just movement.

 There is a deep philosophy behind it.

 Just the movement, it doesn't bring you much more.

 Yoga is not about clinging to the results.

 But to experience each moment in the formula.

 Find the connection to the body.

 Don't be frustrated because of undoing a formula.

 Don't be frustrated by focused meditation today.

All you want will come

No urgent, no impetuous.

Yoga is not to escape life.
 But to give you a respite.
 Give you a moment of reflection.
 Integrate yoga into your life.
 Enjoy your current life.
 Learn to accept what you cannot change.
 Learn to have the courage to change what you can change.
 Yoga is not just yoga. 
It makes you live better.

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