Running tips which help lose weight

Running tips which help lose weight

Running is a regular exercise when we are students, we will choose running to lose weight or physical fitness. Running actually is a good and easy way for everyone to exercise. However, some people may run for a long time without having an obvious effect. Running has many tips you need to know other than preparing a pair of running shoes. Instead of running harder and longer, running smarter to lose weight.

1.Doing stretch exercises both before and after running.

Stretch or other warm-up exercises before running can effectively protect your body, as well as joints such as your knees and wrists. It's easy to get hurt while running without warming up. If you don't stretch after running, your leg muscles get stiffer with congestion. Thus when you run, you may get easier to hurt and your legs look bad.

2.Doing rational exercise.

If you run for a long time, but find that running to lose weight is not effective. It is the time to think over your whole process of running. You may run too hard so your body can’t recovery completely. You need know that your body weight loss occurs when you are rest and recovery. Without a good recovery, there is no good and effective results. So you can try to run less and have a good break.

3.Consistency is more important than intensity.

Does your running always keep long, strong and high intensity? It is almost impossible. A sudden intense run or exercise can’t help lose weight at all. It may even hurt our body. Consistency and frequency is the key to lose weight. You need to focus on doing less, more often. More than 30 minutes but less than 60 minutes jogging is recommended. Don’t run fast. In fact the faster you run, the easier your muscles can get stronger, which doesn’t get fat burning.

4.Running with fun.

If long-time jogging will make you quickly tired of and the body has adapted to the intensity of jogging, you will easily enter the bottleneck period of weight loss. Therefore, after jogging for a period of time and the physical endurance improves, you might as well change the way of running, such as variable speed running or different field running, mountain running, so that the body can not adapt to the pace of running. In that way your body can continue to burn fat and break through the weight loss bottleneck period.

5.Good sports equipment is necessary.

A t-shirt and a pair of trousers can be a choice for running. But you can get better choice and have a better effect. You can choose some professional sports brands of clothing such as SALTUM. A sports naked bra with a pair of black sports leggings can help you shape you body curve better and build confidence.


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