3 ways to reduce waist-to-hip ratio and show off your figure

3 ways to reduce waist-to-hip ratio and show off your figure

Do you know waist-to -hip ratio becomes more and more important in our health index. Maybe it can better show your health conditions then BMI(Body Mass Index) and weight. Because you can be tall and thin, your weight is within the criteria rules. However you have too much fat around your midsection. So one of the essential healthy standards is that your waist should be smaller than your hip regardless of your weight and BMI.

According to WHO(World Health Organization), there are accurate criteria for the waist-to-hip ratio. A health WHR(waist-to-hip radio) is 0.9 or less in man and 0.85 or less in woman. Higher WHR is accompanied by greater health risks and problems such as heart disease and diabetes. So calculate your own WHR and see what your WHR is. Special attention should be paid to the following is that the WHR is only suitable to adults not children.

If your WHR is on the high, don’t worry, here are three ways to reduce WHR and show off your figure.

Do aerobic exercise

There is no local fat reduction. Aerobic exercise is the fat burning throughout the body. Although the simple rolling abdomen can improve the abdominal muscles, the effect of reducing waist and abdominal fat is very slow. To reduce the excess fat on the waist and abdomen,put on your workout set. mild aerobic exercise is a better choice. Aim for moderate intensity activity four or five times a week, and exercise for about an hour at a time. Thus you effectively reduce the rate of body fat and the waist circumference will also decrease.Here are some moderate intensity exercise recommended:

1.Brisk walking


3.Riding a bike

4.Hiit(High Intensity Interval Training) exercise of cardiopulmonary endurance

5.Rope skippingSwimming

Change your eating diets.

Simply through aerobic exercise is far from enough to reduce the proud flesh on the waist and abdomen. Your eating habits and diets can also have a great impact on it. We need to control on a good diet to avoid excess calories. At ordinary times, we must supplement more light diets and remember not to eat some processed or high-calorie food, otherwise it will also increase the storage of body fat. As long as you control the intake of calories, you can restore the charming small pretty waist.

Improve the hip circumference.

Hip is a relatively large muscle group in the body. If you want to improve the hip circumference in life, you need to do more hip training, such as squat or hip lift exercise. It can improve the muscles of the buttocks. Two to three days of training once, you can improve the hip muscle group

Do you get these three ways above? Start the exercise and control your diets!They all say that the combination of Saltumsports and fitness is better.

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