Benefits of naked Feeling Pants

Benefits of naked Feeling Pants

"When I was a little girl, I was one of the nakedest little girls you'd ever meet. Kids have no sense of shame about their bodies, and why should they? Being naked, as long as you're not shivering out in the cold, is one of the most natural things a human body can be."     - Christina Tesoro

A study in the journal of Psychological Science showed that naked sensations helps improve exercising and makes people feel sexier. It's the reason why athletes wear less and tighter clothing during competitions. It helps body stretch as much as it can. People might feel nervous in the beginning about their body wobbling a bit more intensely than it usually does when clothed. But, you’ll feel much stronger, less vulnerable and even sexier than you have in a long time. And that feeling could last the rest of the day, which apparently is no coincidence, the naked feeling workout pants actually can make you look sexier. When you feel naked, your body temperature drops, and as your body temperature drops, growth hormones are released and works its regenerative “magic”. AKA, your cells regenerate faster and you look fresher.

Naked feeling yoga pants

This naked feeling yoga pants has brushed touch, soft comfort plus gentle compression, offering incomparable cozy performance for yoga or training.


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