Insist on one hour of yoga every day

Insist on one hour of yoga every day

It is not the easy thing to do yoga every day for an hour. There are more you can get than yoga. Naturally, the more you do yoga, the more you’ll improve. That's not the case in doing yoga. Consistency is more important than overall length.

Every day work is really tired, but after the work, I still did an hour of yoga for my figure. As a tyro in yoga, a good teacher can help you a lot and supervise you to do yoga every day. Don’t worry about the results you get. Form a good habit is much more important. Every day, my yoga teacher sends at least three messages to ask whether l have done yoga already. In the beginning, l must send the pictures of doing yoga to my teacher! You can also think about other ways to encourage yourselves to do yoga. In the first few days, doing one hour yoga didn't feel too much. I even felt too tired to do yoga because I've been not exercising for too long.

However, when l have insisted on one hour of yoga for about two weeks, my life actually changed. Because of doing yoga, it helps me better relieve the external pressure and my sleep quality feels better! I feel more energetic in the day time. Insist on doing yoga for an hour every day, you will admire the self-discipline of yourselves.

Now, l have insisted on one hour of yoga for about one year!It is an amazing process! In this year, l face many difficulties in doing yoga. Some people can take to yoga easily, while others may struggle for an entire lifetime to achieve the same. It might take years to master a single pose. What l believe is that: do the best that you can do. Although l have done yoga for almost one year, some poses l can’t do either. So don't do what you can't finish. When you can insist on one hour of yoga every day, you have succeeded! The effect of a year of exercise is still very obvious. Personally, a year of yoga exercise allowed me to successfully lose weight and stay within a proper weight range.

The last but not least, You need to really love yoga. It should become an activity where you are happy to share your time. In this way, even if you have a busy schedule and face great pressure, you will be more and more willing to return to practice at home, lunch break or before going to bed. When you wear your favorite High waisted leggings, one hour a day, your body and spirit will give you the best answer. Use self-discipline to maintain your abilities and dreams, and stick to what you like.

After practicing yoga for a period of time, this exercise becomes an essential part of daily life.I will continue to exercise and continue to exercise for 400 days! I love yoga!



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